In 2016, I was awarded an Insight Development Grant from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and a Brandon University Research Council grant for my project "Queering the Mainstream." This research project focuses on the mainstreaming of global LGBTQ rights in the international arena. The first chapters and articles (in progress) stemming from this SSHRC-funded project are:

i) concerned with the inclusion of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in Canada’s new Feminist International Assistance Policy focusing specifically on queering reproductive aid

ii) the translation of intersectionality into international development policy focusing on Canada's Feminist International Assistance Policy, and 

iii) the positionalities of “queerocrats” (queers in the development and human rights industry) pushing for LGBTQ inclusion in policy and practice. 

This SSHRC-funded project, and personal experience as a “prairie queer”, has led my research in unexpected places, which is exciting as I make the transition from a junior scholar to a recently promoted and tenured scholar. Taking my location more seriously in my research, I am currently completing an article entitled "The Transnational Politics of Prairie Pride” which considers the consequences of outsourcing racism and homo/transphobia to Other places and spaces in relation to police presence at Winnipeg Pride.

My secondary research projects are grounded in my own experience as a queer parent and killjoy-feminist academic/activist. I am currently playing with autotheory, and am working on a writing project about queer reproductive justice. Additionally, since I recently made national news for advocating on behalf of sexual assault victims on campus and regularly speak on the topic, I am thinking through the politics of faculty advocacy for sexual assault policies on Canadian university campuses.